Isaac Ezban

Screenwriter and director of Mexican cinema, co-founder of the production company Red Elephant Films and the Autocinema Coyote.

His first feature film The Incident (2014), a sci-fi psychological thriller about characters trapped on infinite stairs and on an infinite highway, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival at the Blood Window Midnight Galas and was later screened at Fantastic Fest and at Sitges, and in more than 45 international festivals, winning 16 awards and with important reviews from the press and great filmmakers such as Guillermo Del Toro and Joe Dante.  

His second feature film Los Parecidos (2015), described by Isaac himself as “a love letter to science fiction from the 60s”, also premiered at Fantastic Fest and Sitges, making Isaac the first director in the history of Mexico to have 2 films in 2 consecutive years in the official selection of the 2 most important genre film festivals in the world, and won the award for Best Latin American Film in Sitges, as well as the Press Award in Mórbido and 8 more awards .


Currently both tapes (The Incident and Los Parecidos) are already available on Netflix worldwide.

In 2016, Isaac was hired by Bron Studios (Canada's largest studio, creators of such films as Birth of a Nation, Fences, Beatriz at Dinner, Tully, The Front Tunner, Assessination Nation and others) to direct his third film (and first spoken in English) Parallel, for which Isaac traveled to film in Vancouver, Canada.


T his sci-fi thriller about a group of friends who find a portal to parallel worlds starred Aml Ameen, Martin Wallstrom, Georgia King, Mark O'Brien and Kathleen Quinlan, and will be released this year.


Represented by CAA as his agent and Good Fear Management as his manager, Isaac is currently working on other scripts of his own, and has just been hired by Sony Pictures to direct the long-awaited adaptation of Dan Simmons' literary horror classic Summer Of Night.

Martha Claudia Moreno

Winner of the Ariel Award and the Crystal Screen Award for her portrayal of Rosaura in the film Distancias Cortas, directed by Alejandro Guzmán.

As an actress, she has participated in the films Drama / Mex - screened at the Cannes International Film Festival, and Voy a Explotar, both by Gerardo Naranjo, Habana Muda by Eric Brach, Te Prometo Anarquía by Julio Hernández Cordón, ¿Qué le Dijiste bye Bye? by Teresa Suárez and El Cumple de la Abuela by Javier Colinas, to name a few.  


His career also includes collaborations in short films such as Sístole Diástole by Carlos Cuarón, Branquia directed by Fabián Archondo - screened at the Cannes International Film Festival -, Amor en Día Hábil by Martín Bautista and Lo que no se Dice Bajo el Sol by Eduardo Esquivel - screened at the Critics' Week at the Cannes Film Festival, among many others.  

On television, his projects include the series Soy tu Fan y Gregoria la Cuchara on Canal Once, El Capitán Camacho on Fox, Capadocia for HBO, La Bandida on Sony Teleset and La Balada de Hugo Sánchez on Netflix.

His long acting career includes plays, such as Roberto Zucco by Marie Bernard, directed by Catherine Marnas, La Lucha con el Ángel by Jorge Ibargüengoitia, directed by Rubén Ortiz - awarded by the AMCT- and Tennesse en Tres Tiempos, directed by Katina Medina, among many more.

Recently, we were able to see her in the tapes ¿Conoces a Tomás ?, Los Amores Modernos, Getting My Ex Back, Crazy About Work and Grandma's Wedding, the latter on Netflix. On television, we saw her in successful series such as Bronco on TNT, Un Extraño Enemigo directed by Gabriel Ripstein, Tijuana and recently in the third season of La Casa de las Flores by Manolo Caro on Netflix.

Alfonso Albacete

Director and scriptwriter.


His filmography has titles such as 'More than Love Frenzy', 'Atomic', 'Survive', 'I Love You Baby', 'Between Living and Dreaming', 'Lies and Fat' and 'Solo Química'.


His films have traveled to festivals such as  Sundance, San Sebastián, Tokyo, Chicago, Havana,  Malaga, reaping numerous awards  as: Turin Film Festival Award, Chicago Film Festival Audience Award, Shangay Award for Best Film, Population Institute Award (Best Media Award), Lifetime Achievement Award from Lesgaicinemad, and Award FICC of the Cartagena International Film Festival for his career.

Nominated for the Goya is two occasions,  he has written scripts with Lucía Etxebarría and Ángeles González-Sinde.


His films have become commercial successes, marking more than one generation of young people (and not so young), being also important to understand diversity and helping the visibility of the LGTBI collective.


He has directed diverse talent  such as Carmen Maura, Emma Suárez, Verónica Forqué, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Ingrid Rubio, María Esteve, Rossy de Palma, Natalia de Molina, Ana Fernández, Tiaré Scanda and actors such as Jose Coronado, Alejo Sauras, Mario Casas, Jorge Sanz, Juan Diego Botto, Thierry Lhermitte, Alex Brendemühl.  


In 2019 he launched his novel Todo se mover edited by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial.


The Carlos III University has included him in its collection Cuadernos Tecmerín, with the publication of Vivir y rodar.

He is currently preparing the project for his next film to be shot between Spain and Mexico.

Lucero Hinojosa


She studied law at La Salle University, graduated from LL.M. Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Viadrina University in Frankfurt Oder, Germany, she returned to Mexico to study a degree in psychology.


She has volunteered from a very young age in projects such as Telethon, work with adolescents deprived of liberty and the release of indigenous prisoners. She was an expert English-Spanish translator and worked as a volunteer for the United Nations in the translation of various UNICEF and Equator Initiative documents.  

Currently, she works as a public servant in the direction that follows up on resolutions of international human rights organizations in the federal government of Mexico.


His work with human rights victims provides MICMX with a global and inclusive vision.

Fito Pardo


Former Secretary of the Mexican Society of Cinematographers.  He has been on the board of directors since 2008, best known for The Unforgettable Fire (2014).

More than 300 projects of all kinds,  commercials, short films, feature films, documentaries, music videos, alternatives, images and much more related to cinematography worldwide.

He has worked for some of the leading media companies and advertising agencies such as National Geographic, BBDO, Leo Burnett, Lowe & Partners, Televisa, and TV Azteca.

He is constantly involved as a jury in various film festivals, including DocsDF, Oaxaca Film Festival  and National Geographic Lights of America.

Canon Film Ambassador since 2011,  maintains close business relationships with renowned cinema camera equipment manufacturer Arri, as well as other film companies.

As a Getty Images approved content creator and photographer since 2011, his work is a popular choice for stock images, editorial photography, and 360 video for businesses and consumers.

His feature film El Fuego Inforgettable won more than 4 international awards for the best film and other categories.

Juan Carlos Ayvar


Born in Tijuana, Mexico. Graduated from the Film and Audiovisual Production Course of the Cinematographic Training Center (2013-2014). Degree in Communication from the Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana campus (2001-2004).

He has received training in various courses, workshops and diplomas in audiovisual media, highlighting the Intensive Film Production and Realization Course (2005) and the Film Project Development Course (2010), both organized by the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC), the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) and the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).


Granted in 2009 by CONACULTA to develop within 5y10 Producciones the Reactive 510 program, which aimed to generate interest in society in general towards filmmaking, and at the same time, professionalize people who were already engaged in film production local.

From April 2017 to January 2020 he served as Deputy Director of Short Film at IMCINE, where he coordinated the Call for the National Competition for Short Film Projects / By Regions and supervised the production of around 80 short films from all over the country.

Creator and Coordinator of the Short MICA 2017 and 2018, laboratory designed for the improvement of projects

short film films that followed up on winning IMCINE projects.



Graduated in Communication Sciences from Tec de Monterrey, with specializations in film, graphic design and animation. He studied Scriptwriting at the University of Guadalajara and was selected for the Dramatized Series Writing Workshop of IMCINE (2014).


Screenwriter at Televisa Niños,  In 2006 he joined Lemon Films where he was Production and Marketing Coordinator for a dozen films, including "Kilometer 31", "Salvando al Soldado Pérez", "After Lucía" and for series such as "M13DOS" (Televisa), "Paramedics" (OnceTV) and "Señor Ávila" (HBO), among others.


He was part of the Lemon Group Content Team for several years and served as Content Director on the Mexican version of Saturday Night Live, co-produced by Eugenio Derbez and is currently Producer at All About Media, performing “Treintona, Soltera y Fantástica” which premiered in October 2017 achieving more than 136 million pesos at the box office, “Inquilinos” which premiered in October 2018 with the distribution of Videocine, winning more than a dozen international horror festivals.


He recently premiered “Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantástica”, which he co-wrote and produced, in addition to the series “Los Pecados de Bárbara” developed for Televisa.


He is a partner and founder of Wozom Studios with whom he is developing the feature films “Thingdom” (animated feature film in Mexico + China co-production) and “The Way Between” (written and co-produced by Jennifer Lee, director and screenwriter of “Frozen” , from Disney). 

Dana Karvelas

She begins his path in acting in advertising by participating in different campaigns, student shorts such as  actress.


On TV he appears in sketches of unitarians on Televisa such as Wax tv and Incógnito, the Fox series "Dos lunas", Mita and Mita, Hacienda del Rey among others ...


His film debut was made by Michel Grou in “Somos lo que Hay“ from there they are followed by “Almost Divas”, “Atroz” by  Lex Ortega, premiered at the Morbido Festival in Mexico and at different international festivals. In some  countries cataloged as the most violent film in Mexican cinema, as well as Emilio Portes's "The Crime of the Expensive Fumaro".

Participate in the video clip of the pop group Camila "What life serves me" directed by Gustavo Garzón

In 2015 she became the protagonist of the debut feature of the CCC (film training center) Estrellas Solitarias Directed by Fernando Urdapilleta alongside actors such as Jorge Arriaga, Mauricio Isaac, Inés de Tavira and  Patricia Garza,  The same one that earned her the Best Actress award at the Feratum International Film Festival for her character “Valentina”, this being the first time that a transgender woman has been recognized as Best Actress worldwide.


It premiered at the Guadalajara Film Festival within the Maguey Award, being nominated for the Mezcal Award and the Maguey Award for best film. From there  began his run in national festivals (Fresnillo, Xalapa, La Paz, Aculco, Oaxaca) and international where  had the opportunity to present the film  at the Cheries-Cherie festival in Paris, as well as a Fiction Jury at the same Festival.

He wins the Ulises Carrión award for best film at the Mix Mexico Festival. In 2018 it had an important commercial run in national cinemas.

Follow their participation in different advertising campaigns, as well as in the tape of  Mexican terror  from Amazon Prime "Desire, Desire", "Exodoncia" by Lex Ortega in "México Bárbaro 2"


In 2019 he traveled to France to film the documentary "Dana" by the hand of Mexican director Fernando Colin and produced by "Le Fresnoy" that same year and by the same director he filmed "Life is a carnival" in Morelos.

His first foray into theater came this year with the project of the theater company "El Gettho" with the staging entitled "Posesión del Paraíso" directed by Agustín Meza. He takes part in the short film “Salpicón” as the main character directed by Marcos Guilt.

Her first foray as a director comes in 2020 with the short film "La Distance"  


She began her training as an actress at the Hugo Midón school at age 10, and within a few years she joined, under the direction of Nora Moseinco, the Los Susodichos theater group, in which she participated in the Collective Creation and performance of plays from 1993 to 2005, including Marea, Total and Magoya. With some members of the group he continued to carry out works such as Emporio Caserta and Mar de Ajó. In theater she also participated as an actress in Teatro por la Identidad and the Tintas Frescas Cycle at the San Martin Theater with the play Diván directed by Michael Didim and in the play Dos Cirujasen el CCRR.

He participated in several films, including La Esperanza with Ulises Dumont and Palermo Hollywood by Eduardo Pinto; and in several television programs such as El Deseo, Mosca & Smith, Soy tu fan, Lalola, Mujeres de Nadie, and Televisión por la Inclusión.

In 2013, in the framework of the cycle Operas Primas of Centro Cultural Rojas, he premiered Doberman, a work he wrote and directed. Dobermanta was also presented at the Timbre 4 theater, the Callejón, Anhost, York Theater and participated in the Rafaela Theater Festival.

As a scriptwriter, I work on the program Rutas Solidarias, on Canal Encuentro and is Co-Author and Director of the series According Roxi. First of the web series in 2012 and after the two TV seasons of 27 chapters (Lifetime and Netflix Latin America and the United States and Argentine Public Television) and 13 the second (TVP República, Movistar Series and Amazon Prime) between 2014 and 2019.

She worked as a script collaborator in several film projects and TV series, including the feature film “Panelista” by Maxi Gutierrez, and “35 y soltera” by Paula Schargorodsky and in the series Asistiré para Movistar LATAMen pre-production.

She is Co-author of the books According to Roxi Autobiography of an incorrect mother and How to be the worst mother in the world (Random House 2013 and 2017)

She is also Co-Author and Director of According to Roxi: La Obrita de Teatro, (Teatro La Comedia, and How to be the Worst Mom in the world, acoustic show, (La Tangente, Teatro Roma, Picadero and with several presentations in the interior of the country). )

She directed the Content of De Otro Planeta, a web fiction for Argentine Public Television that was nominated for the TATO Awards.

He directed two shows in Microteatro, El amor es el fin del mundo, by Facundo Zylberberg and Vidente Natural, by him and Sofía, mi mama y yode Ines Ulanovsky.

He directed the play TURMA, by the Croatian Vedrana Klépica premiered at the Host Theater, within the framework of the International Dramaturgy Festival.

Her debut feature “Doberman” (with the Support of INCAA and Patronage) premiered in May 2019 in various venues in Argentina and is touring some festivals such as Mafici (Best Actress Award), Bolivar International Festival, Ciclo Sala Sur in Trelew, MICGender in several cities in Mexico, the SFLFF (San Francisco Latino Film Festival) and the Women Film Festival Texas.

He is co-scriptwriter of the series Asistiré for Movistar Latam in pre-production (2019).

He collaborated as a scriptwriter for PolK and for VIACOM (VIS). (2020).

She is the director of Reinas Abolladas, to premiere at the Cervantes National Theater in January 2021.

Karla Campuzano

Karla Campuzano is a director, producer and screenwriter originally from Mexico City.

His short film and documentary projects such as "Anubis", "Nictofobia", or "Cardboard Wings", have been selected in dozens of Film Festivals around the world.

She has been awarded and recognized for her work; and recently won support for the development of the Script for his debut feature, by IMCINE.  

She works as coordinator of International guests at Feratum Film Festival.  

Karla enjoys storytelling in genres like psychological thriller and mystery, and is preparing to produce her first feature film.

Alejandro Karo


He is a composer and orchestrator specialized in film music from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, born on June 23, 1993.

He began his beginnings in music at the age of 10 with classical guitar and piano lessons, it was until the age of 16 when Alejandro began his first compositions and then decided to study music to formalize his studies, such studies were carried out in the Bachelor of Music from the University of Sonora.

In 2015, Karo was selected in the film music workshop of the producer Bertha Navarro (Laberinto del Fauno) in UNAM Mexico City, since then he has developed as a composer in Mexican productions such as "Desire, Desire", "Mis Demonios Never Juraron Soledad ”and“ Jesús de Nazareth ”by the acclaimed director Rafa Lara.

In 2018 Alejandro was awarded the "Best Original Score" award for his score composed for the film "Desire Desire" at the "Hexploitation Film Festival" in Canada and the "Best Original Music" award at the "Crystal Screen" awards. in Mexico City.

Pablo Gonzalo


Argentine Director and Screenwriter.


Founding partner of the Paimún Cine production company.


Director of a series of multi-award-winning short films, among which are "Lo llevo en la sangre", "Sinsabor" and "Ojos".


He landed on the feature film with his debut feature "El kiosco".


He also works as a film editor, and works as editor of the stable plant of Canal Encuentro, a prestigious Argentine signal dedicated to educational and cultural content.


Actor, protagonist of the feature films, Furtivo and Mar del Plata, and a large number of short films.


He is currently developing the script for his next fiction feature film and working on the web series PIN PUN PAN, a group of artists who make small audiovisual pieces of "Artisan Humor".


Javier Izquierdo is an Ecuadorian screenwriter and director, he has made five films: Augusto San Miguel has died yesterday, A secret in the box (Best Latin American director and Fipresci Award at BAFICI 2017), Crimes of the future, Panama and Barajas (New Mariano Art Award Contemporary).


His films move between documentary and fiction, cinema and literature.


He studied film courses in Rome, Barcelona and Madrid. He has been a script teacher in the Creative Writing Program at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and a researcher at the National Cinematheque of Ecuador.


For his cinematographic work, he has been invited to participate in the Bolaño Chair in Chile and in the Oslo Biennalen in Norway, where he made the archival documentary Crimes of the future.  


His latest movies are available on international streaming platforms like Filmin, Amazon Prime, and Kinoscope.

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