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Fernando San Miguel Villagómez is a Mexican Director of Photography, he grew up in Colonia Roma like many other Mexican filmmakers.


He was Co-owner of The MFC (Production and Rental House) until the beginning of 2019. That same year, he decided to found his own Audiovisual Production House, which has collaborated in several film projects which is called "Cantina films".

He learned from great directors of photography such as Alan Caudillo, Raúl Uribe, Vidblain Balvas and many others. And he is part of the new wave of Mexican filmmakers.

Among the most outstanding productions in which he has collaborated as Director of Photography, are "A tres Caídas" (2018), which was awarded at the La Paz International Film Festival. Being this still at the time of The MFC.

Later in 2020 he assumes the role of Director of Photography in a production called "El Director" Award-winning film at the International Festival of the Gulf of Naples in Italy.

In 2021 he assumes his position once again in the film "Destino111: The Magical Towns Movie", a project that toured the entire Mexican Republic, and that talks about the roots of Mexicans, generating one of the vastest Film Collections in terms of cultural diversity regarding our country.

Lucero Hinojosa


She studied law at La Salle University, graduated from LL.M. Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Viadrina University in Frankfurt Oder, Germany, she returned to Mexico to study a degree in psychology.


She has volunteered from a very young age in projects such as Telethon, work with adolescents deprived of liberty and the release of indigenous prisoners. She was an expert English-Spanish translator and worked as a volunteer for the United Nations in the translation of various UNICEF and Equator Initiative documents.  

Currently, she works as a public servant in the direction that follows up on resolutions of international human rights organizations in the federal government of Mexico.


His work with human rights victims provides MICMX with a global and inclusive vision.


Graduated from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a degree in Communication Sciences, specializing in Audiovisual Production.


Has taken the courses: 


Appreciation of contemporary film genres in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. UNAM Film Appreciation Course. CUEC. UNAM
Introduction to Photography. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. UNAM

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in America: A History. John Mraz CENTER OF THE IMAGE

Work experience:


Documentary producer. Channel 14. 4 episodes. 2020.


Production manager. Docu-Fiction. Piano. In process.

December 2017 and November 2019

Fiction. Independent. Directed by Pepe Valle.

Winner, Mezcal FICG 2018 Award for best photography and best actress. Nov 2017.


Fiction feature film. Dir. Oscar Blancarte.
Production manager. September – November 2016. Puebla, Sinaloa, Guanajuato.


Producer. Short film. Dir. Eduardo Canto Dec 2015


Associate producer. Online Producer. CCC feature film. Sep – Oct 2014

Dana Karvelas

She begins her path in acting in advertising by participating in different campaigns, student shorts as an actress.


On TV he appears in sketches of unitarians on Televisa such as Wax tv and Incógnito, the Fox series "Dos lunas", Mita and Mita, Hacienda del Rey among others ...


His film debut was made by Michel Grou in “Somos lo que Hay“ from there they are followed by “Almost Divas”, “Atroz” by  Lex Ortega, premiered at the Morbido Festival in Mexico and at different international festivals. In some  countries cataloged as the most violent film in Mexican cinema, as well as Emilio Portes's "The Crime of the Expensive Fumaro".

Participate in the video clip of the pop group Camila "What life serves me" directed by Gustavo Garzón

In 2015, she became the protagonist of the debut feature of the CCC (film training center) Estrellas Solitarias Directed by Fernando Urdapilleta alongside actors such as Jorge Arriaga, Mauricio Isaac, Inés de Tavira and Patricia Garza, which earned her the award for Best Actress at the Feratum International Film Festival for her character "Valentina", this being the first time that a transgender woman has been recognized as Best Actress worldwide.


It premiered at the Guadalajara Film Festival within the Maguey Award, being nominated for the Mezcal Award and the Maguey Award for best film. From there he began his run in national festivals (Fresnillo, Xalapa, La Paz, Aculco, Oaxaca) and internationally where he had the opportunity to present the film at the Cheries-Cherie festival in Paris, as well as as a Fiction Jury at the same Festival.

He wins the Ulises Carrión award for best film at the Mix Mexico Festival. In 2018 it had an important commercial run in national cinemas.

Follow his participation in different advertising campaigns, as well as in the Mexican Terror film  from Amazon Prime "Desire, Desire", "Exodoncia" by Lex Ortega in "México Bárbaro 2"


In 2019 he traveled to France to film the documentary "Dana" by the hand of Mexican director Fernando Colin and produced by "Le Fresnoy" that same year and by the same director he filmed "Life is a carnival" in Morelos.

His first foray into theater came this year with the project of the theater company "El Gettho" with the staging entitled "Posesión del Paraíso" directed by Agustín Meza. He takes part in the short film “Salpicón” as the main character directed by Marcos Guilt.

Her first foray as a director comes in 2020 with the short film "La Distance" 

Albeerto .jpeg


He began acting in 1990, but it was until 1999 that he began to act in cinema and
television, he began to produce films in 2002, at the same time he began to write and direct,
In 1993 he participated in the foundation of the theater forum "La Casona del Teatro" in Morelia Michoacán,
where for a year he produces and performs in different theatrical productions.

In 2002 he produced for the company "Fonámbules" the first "Body Makeup Encounter
Mexico City ”at the Museo Universitario del Chopo; an amalgam that brings together painters,
makeup artists, actors, musicians and dancers, with the aim of creating ephemeral works of art on the skin.

The following year he repeated the production of said event with a new generation of artists now in it.
Museum of Mexico City.

As a leading actor, he has award-winning projects such as "Tierra y Pan" winner of the
Venice Golden Lion "Halley" winner of Sitges in 2013 "El Ocaso de Juan" won by the Ariel in
2017 “Dragon” from 2018 or “La Asunción de Lucía” in post-production stage.

Some of the films he produced are "Venganza Cumplida" from 2004 "Ismael" from 2010
premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival
  "165 days in Quarantine", and "Without a Soul"
In direction and screenwriter, he has projects such as “El Postero” or the short films “Rojo” and the series
"Lucia and War" currently in development.



Hill Díaz (Mexico City, 1987) is a film director, teacher, and film essayist. In 2016 he premiered his debut feature "Los Que no Saben Volar" (Mexico, 2016), with which he won the Incubator Award at the Guanajuato FIC, the Audience Award at the San Luis Arizona Film Festival and the Feature Film Award Mexican at the San Luis Potosí FIC. The following year, in 2017, he produced the documentary "Lo Que Más Amas" (Love the Most, Mex-Fin, 2017), by Finnish filmmaker Antti Tuomas Seppänen, premiered at the DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and at around thirty festivals around the world. around the world, obtaining the Best Cinematography Award in India and Minnesota. "Lo Que Más You Love" was part of the Finnish Documentary Film cycle of the National Cinematheque in December 2019.  

He has twice served on the jury at the San Luis Arizona Film Festival and also at the State Youth Short Film Contest "La Libertad de Filmar", in the State of Mexico.  

As a teacher he has given classes in different educational and cultural spaces such as the UNAM Film Library, the Ibero-American University, the National Pedagogical University, the UNAM Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, the International Exile Film Forum, the Museum of the Mexico City, the Astronomy Institute of the UNAM, the Southeast Cinematographic Center, CinEspacio 24, the Casa Talavera Cultural Center of the UACM or La Casa de Méliès, School of Visual Arts of the French Embassy in Mexico and the French Institute of Latin America IFAL. 

His book of essays on cinema "In the Kingdom of Shadows: Talks about Cinema" is due to be published in 2022.


Marco Rodríguez, by profession Screenwriter and narrative consultant.


He has worked with different production houses such as All About, Blue Head Films and Anima.


Writer and co-creator of "Los Pecados de Bárbara", a television series for Televisa.


Twice IMCINE jury.


Independent developer and consultant for various animated series and movies.

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