INTERNATIONAL                    FILM FESTIVAL                           MICMX

To bring a different cinema and diversify the audiovisual offer, we must leave the traditional theaters

#MICMXIFF  is an international festival that seeks to promote the exhibition of all kinds of proposals made with or without the investment of large studios or production companies, contributing positively to the development of world film culture.

Its mission is to spread and stimulate film culture, in addition to being an event for the public, filmmakers, critics and other industry professionals to exchange different points of view and activate alternative exhibition venues in the country's capital. .

We are interested that more people know about projects that blur the usual genres and categories. Works that push the limits of cinematic language, bold narratives and stories that need to be seen.

We seek the distribution of all selected projects through: streaming channel, pay television, commercial television, commercial cinemas or art cinemas, invitations to screenings at exhibitions or film festivals, etc.

The Festival offers a solid platform for cinematography to find synergies that strengthen it as an industry, linking it with the whole world.



  • Support Mexican talent through programming for wide audiences that seek a fresh and plural cinematographic offer.

  • Promote cultural and commercial exchange between Mexico and the world.

  • Strengthen the links between the cinematographies of the world to strengthen the MICMX  and identify it as a benchmark for talent and creative force in this region of the world.

  • To be a platform for taking off, visibility and linking Mexican talent to the rest of the world.

  • Contribute to the national film culture by offering premieres of both Mexican and international films, thus promoting formal and content diversity.

  • Become a benchmark that strengthens the offer of cultural activities. ​​​


In order to promote the best possible experience for our guests,  public, collaborators and volunteers, the  MICMX  will have zero tolerance in situations of:

  • Harassment and sexual harassment, such as inappropriate physical contact, intimidation, and repeated romantic or sexual approach when it is not consensual.

  • Discriminatory comments related to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical appearance, race, religion,  skin color, nationality and language.

  • Verbal or physical threats and attacks.


The incursion into any of the aforementioned conducts -as well as those not previously arranged in which the integrity or dignity of another person is violated will make the revocation of the invitation, accreditation and / or access to the event spaces meritorious. Where necessary, legal action may be taken.  

Participation in any of our activities and spaces indicates the indisputable acceptance of these rules. 

©International Film Festival MICMX  2022

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